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USA: Worksafe – Workers Memorial Week 2022: Mourn. Empower. Escalate.


Dear Friends & Allies,
Every year, during the week of April 28th, we join together with workers, worker centers, unions, and OSH advocates across the state and country to remember those we’ve lost to preventable workplace hazards and to renew the fight for safe & healthy workplaces.

Across California, regions are planning both virtual and in-person events, and will honor worker & community members who have passed away this past year, or at any point during the pandemic. We invite you to submit names, pictures, and/or stories of folks you’d like to include in this year’s Workers’ Memorial Week. Either respond directly to this email, or fill out our Google Form HERE (by Friday, 4/22).

We will be in touch again soon with updates on opportunities to participate in Workers’ Memorial Week in your region!

In Solidarity,
SoCalCOSH, UCLA-LOSH, UC Merced Community & Labor Center, UC Berkeley LOHP, and Worksafe

Estimados amigos y aliados,

Todos los años, durante la semana del 28 de abril, nos unimos a los trabajadores, los centros de trabajadores, los sindicatos y los defensores de la seguridad y la salud ocupacional de todo el estado y el país para recordar a las personas que hemos perdido por peligros laborales prevenibles y para renovar la lucha por la seguridad. y lugares de trabajo saludables.

En todo California, las regiones están planeando eventos virtuales y en persona, y honrarán a los trabajadores y miembros de la comunidad que fallecieron el año pasado o en cualquier momento durante la pandemia. Lo invitamos a enviar nombres, fotos y/o historias de las personas que le gustaría incluir en la Semana en Memoria de los Trabajadores de este año. Responda directamente a este correo electrónico o complete nuestro formulario de Google AQUÍ (antes del viernes 22 de abril).

¡Nos pondremos en contacto nuevamente pronto con actualizaciones sobre oportunidades para participar en la Semana Conmemorativa de los Trabajadores en su región!

En solidaridad,
SoCalCOSH, UCLA-LOSH, Centro Comunitario y Laboral de UC Merced, LOHP Berkeley y Worksafe

USA: Worksafe Releases Report for Workers Memorial Day 2019

Workers Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor workers who have died on the job.

Joel Perales was a 30-year veteran of the East Los Angeles U.S. Postal Service. He was also a beloved community pastor, husband, father of five, and diehard Dodgers fan.

On December 3, 2018 Perales decided to pick up an extra shift on his day off — the holidays were coming and he wanted to have a little extra money to purchase gifts for his grandchildren. Tragically, he was killed that morning when a car struck his mail truck in the city of Commerce. Perales had a large and loving family; he is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, and several siblings.

Despite decades of progress, the human toll of workplace tragedies continues to be unacceptably high. 376 California workers were killed at work in the last annual count, about one per day. Thousands more were injured or made ill from preventable workplace hazards. When employers fail to protect workers, the public health suffers.

Dying at Work in California 2019 is Worksafe’s eighth annual report on the state of safety and health protections for California workers. In it, we remember the lives that have been lost, and we highlight opportunities for improving worker health and safety in California. Be sure to check out the contributions of the UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP), the Healthy Work Campaign, and National COSH.

Attention Bay Area: Please join us today at noon in Downtown Oakland for our Workers Memorial Day event. We are cohosting with LOHP and are hoping for a big turnout. Let’s gather – please come out if you can.

We hope that you will read and share Dying at Work in California 2019.

In Solidarity,
Doug Parker, Executive Director, Worksafe

USA: Worksafe 28 April commemoration event in Oakland, CA

Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living!

Join Worksafe on Friday, April 26th in Downtown Oakland to observe Workers Memorial Day 2019.

Workers Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for workers who have been killed and injured on the job. It is observed around the world by surviving family members, friends, coworkers, and health and safety activists in workplaces and communities.

Let’s gather together in Oscar Grant / Frank Ogawa Plaza to honor fallen workers and recommit ourselves to the struggle for safe and healthy work in California.


12 PM – 12:10 PM – Remarks
12:10-12:30 P.M. – Chief Juliann Sum, Cal/OSHA
12:20 PM – 1 PM – Reading of Names

Lunch will not be provided, but feel free to bring your own or support local restaurants.

Please RSVP and help spread the word in your networks by sharing this link: http://bit.ly/2019WMD