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28 de abril de 2015 – Actividades en Colombia y Venezuela

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BWI affiliates in Colombia and Venezuela reported the following activities:

FECOTECMAC: Members of the Technical Association of Builders of Cesar (Valledupar) held a commemorative session for the dead and injured in accidents at work and give a talk based on health and safety in construction.

SUTIMAC: hold a talk on health, safety and hygiene in the cement industry in the production plant in Yumbo Cementos Argos (Cali); a talk at Eternit plant in Cali and Executive Committee Meeting on Tuesday, April 28, where one of his points was to assess the topics of occupational safety and health in collective bargaining that will begin this summer with the company Cementos Argos.

Union Training Course Level I Participants Trade Union Training Course Level I that is being developed in the city of Medellin, with SINDICONS, Intergremial organization of construction workers and Wood Colombia, working platform unit ICM action in the country will make a stop on their work as union learning and training developers to remember those killed and injured workers in accidents. The course is facilitated by the National Union School of Medellin is the first of three between their subjects and asu8gnaciones has an entire training module on Health and Safety at Work in the construction sector in line with the latest Colombian law.

SINDICONS: The National Union of Construction Workers and Allied Workers of Colombia held a talk at its facilities in the plant Girardotta CONCONCRETO in Medellin to about 60 workers.

ACTEG: Participated in the 3rd Congress on Safety and Health at Work organized by the Department of Occupational Health’s National Learning Service (SENA) conducted on days 24, 25 and April 26, 2015 in Bogota.

SUNTIMAVEN of Venezuela: Co minutes downtime will give lectures in companies which have collective bargaining in the capital Caracas, sawmills Chaguaramas, broom factory Palma Real CA, Sawmill Caucagua CA, Furniture Bima. They hope that the branches of the rest of the country also triggered as propelled, MASISA and workers of forest plantations in the Venezuelan state of Bolivar Amazon.

FETRAMECOL of Colombia: hold a lecture at the headquarters of the city of Bogota with the assistance of their unions in Bogota, they talk about first aid techniques and assistance in case of accidents. They end with the candle ceremony and moment of silence in remembrance and respect for those killed in accidents.