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Global: Union organisation is a life or death issue

No-one should die to make a living. After all, occupational health and safety is now a globally-binding ILO fundamental legal right at work.

But a new report warns bad jobs still kill someone somewhere every six seconds, every day, round the clock. It notes that last year the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) recognised occupational health and safety as a top rated ‘fundamental’ right at work.

“Politically, it’s a game changer,” it notes. “Practically, workers have continued to die, an estimated 3 million in the last year alone.”

The report, published in the union-backed Hazards magazine ahead of International Workers’ Memorial Day, argues union organising can make the difference. “Whether you describe it as the ‘union dividend’, ‘union advantage’ or ‘union effect’, there is a long-established, well-tested proof of the life-saving impact of union organisation at work. It shows walking out or being walked all over can be a life or death decision.”

Organising for occupational health and safety is the theme this year for the 28 April event.

Full story: Everyday heroes: The lifesaving union effect. Hazards, number 161, 2023.