USA: The AFL-CIO 28 April webpage is live

Sticker with "Mourn for the Dead | Fight for the Living"The AFL-CIO’s Workers Memorial Day web page is now live – orders can be placed for posters, stickers and fliers in both Spanish and English. Materials can also be downloaded here. The toolkit will be released shortly. AFL-CIO has selected the theme  ‘Good Jobs. Safe Jobs. Protect Our Rights.’ The focus is on promoting contracts that ensures good jobs are fundamentally safe and also  to protect and deepen health and safety rights. Affiliates are requested to share their 28 April events so AFL-CIO can help with promotion. 28 April queries should be directed to Ayusha Shrestra –

A sticker with the words, "Honremos a los muertos. Luchemos por los vivos. Dia de conmemoracion de los obreros caidos."

A poster with the words, "Good Jobs. Safe Jobs. Protect our Rights. Workers Memorial Day April 28."