Argentina: Young worker engagement, conferences, meetings and safety campaigns for 28 April

BWI affiliate UOCRA has many activities planned for International Workers’ Memorial Day 2023.

UOCRA will run a campaign on OHS compliance in construction sector disseminating flyers and showing videos defending a “healthy working environment” through UOCRA’s social networks, in memory of the workers who have died at work.

On Tuesday 25th April, a trade union training activity on OSH starts, which lasts 4 days, for young delegates of UOCRA, where the aim is to strengthen the application of the new fundamental right of the ILO related to occupational health, through the detection of risks in different stages of the work and the adaptations that must be implemented to control risks; among other topics.

A safety campaign on compliance in construction sector will be held. Posters will be put up at at construction sites, leaflets handed out, and workers will discuss issues related to improving working conditions.

A seminar with participation from a tripartite panel called “construction table” together with the construction employer sector, the Superintendent of Labour Risks, the IERIC (Institute of statistics and registration of the construction industry) and the UOCRA; where UOCRA will present the activities that they develop in the survey of working conditions, reporting, monitoring and training in OSH.

UOCRA  will hold a safety and health conference Alongside CGT’s Secretary for Occupational Health and the Secretary for International Relations, an event with speakers from different sectors will be held at the CGT’s premises to commemorate the IWMD and to continue strengthening trade union actions for the improvement of regulations and joint actions.

Finally a ceremony will be hleld in memory of the workers who died at work  – during the Ordinary National Congress of UOCRA