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This Workers Memorial Day, April 28, is just around the corner. As workers continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic in their workplaces every day, the labor movement will commemorate those we have lost on the job and call to renew the promise of a safe job for every worker and fight for stronger safety and health protections. This year’s theme is “Renew the Promise. Safe Jobs for All.”

Attached is AFL-CIO President Trumka’s letter, launching Workers Memorial Day 2021 and the AFL-CIO’s campaign for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. Also attached are English and Spanish versions of this year’s flier.

Please join us this April 28 to honor the victims of workplace injury and illness and to keep on fighting for the promise of safe jobs for all workers. As we do every year, trade unionists around the country and globe will organize our communities and workplaces to observe Workers Memorial Day. We will highlight the toll of job injuries and deaths; demand that elected officials put workers’ well-being above corporate interests; and demand safe jobs for all. This year, and every year, we will make it clear that the labor movement will defend the right of every worker to a safe job and fight until that promise is fulfilled. 

Please use the resources below when planning for this year’s Workers Memorial Day and reach out to us with any questions, concerns, comments along the way.

Materials and Artwork:
Please scroll down our Workers Memorial Day home page to view this year’s materials and artwork:

This year, we resumed the printing and shipping of orders from our building. You can place an order for materials on our website here:

Workers Memorial Day Events:

Planning your events and commemorations will continue to be different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider virtual events, actions, activities and observances with suggestions in our flier. If gathering in person, please follow CDC’s guidelines on organizing large events and gatherings.

We want to hear about your Workers Memorial Day plans! Please share your event with us here so others can view and we can include it on our map.

More Materials Coming Soon:
Soon, we will be distributing more materials to help you plan your commemorations and advocacy efforts. These include talking points, sample materials for media outreach, worker safety and health facts, state-by-state safety and health data, fact sheets on safer workplaces through the PRO Act and the recently introduced workplace violence legislation, COVID-19 facts, digital resources, infographics and other information.

How to reach out to us about Workers Memorial Day: or 202-637-5305

Hashtags you can use to build solidarity online around Workers Memorial Day and the PRO Act:
#IWMD2021 #WMD2021 #1uSafety #PROAct

UK: Workers’ Memorial Day, one month to go


Dear colleagues,

In four weeks’ time, our movement will observe International Workers’ Memorial Day. Every year, it is an opportunity to remember all workers who have lost their lives to work due to health and safety failures causing fatal injury or illness. We come together to renew our fight for safer work and stronger unions.

You can find the TUC’s brand new #IWMD21 page here: to tweet or share to Facebook.

You can now:

Register for the TUC national zoom call with Frances, Sharan Burrows (ITUC) and more.

➜ Search for your local Memorial Day event or add your own

Download posters and graphics to print off or share online

…and find lots of other ways to get involved here.

Keep an eye on the page as more resources get added in the weeks leading up to 28 April.

In solidarity,


Shelly Asquith
Health and Safety Policy Officer
Trades Union Congress

Global: Occupational health and safety: Progress at the ILO

ITUC Online, 30 March 2021

A significant step towards making occupational health and safety a fundamental workers’ right has been taken at the International Labour Organization (ILO) Governing Body.

At its meeting last week, governments overwhelmingly supported worker members of the Governing Body to move ahead with the process and it is expected that the decision will be formalised at the ILO Conference in 2022.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said: “We would like to have seen this year’s ILO Conference add health and safety to the list of fundamental rights, but we appreciate the support of governments for it to happen next year. This will mean greater accountability for governments and business for saving lives at work.

“It is all the more important given the terrible toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safe workplaces mean greater safety for workers and for the public as well. Clear evidence is emerging around the world that most Covid outbreaks are occurring in workplaces, including schools.”

She noted designation of occupational health and safety as a Fundamental Right at Work (FRAW) was the theme for International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April this year. “We will keep up the pressure, on International Workers’ Memorial Day and beyond,” she said.

Other important developments at the Governing Body meeting included agreement that the ILO will develop a Biological Hazards Convention.

ITUC Online, 30 March 2021


Global: Mitmachen! Kampagne für die Aufnahme von Arbeitsschutz als Grundrecht durch die ILO

Zusammen mit anderen Akteuren der weltweiten Gewerkschaftsbewegung fordert die BHI die Internationale Arbeitsorganisation (ILO) dazu auf, auf ihrer Konferenz im Juni 2021 gesunde und sichere Arbeitsplätze zu einem grundlegenden Recht zu erklären. Der globale Gewerkschaftsverband wies darauf hin, dass so gewährleistet würde, dass Regierungen und Arbeitgeber sich verstärkt an die internationalen Arbeitsnormen für Sicherheit und Gesundheit halten.

Zusammen mit der Europäischen Föderation der Bau- und Holzarbeiter (EFBH) hat die BHI eine Kampagne auf den Weg gebracht, um zu zeigen, dass Gewerkschaften und Arbeitgeber wissen, wie wichtig sichere Arbeitsplätze ohne Beeinträchtigung der Gesundheit sind.

„Die Erklärung zum hundertjährigen Bestehen der ILO, die 2019 einstimmig von Regierungen, Arbeitnehmern und Arbeitgebern angenommen worden war, setzt sich nicht genug dafür ein, dass Arbeitsschutz für alle Arbeitnehmer gilt“, sagte BHI-Generalsekretär Ambet Yuson.

„Die ILO sollte jetzt das Richtige tun und die Gesundheit und Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz als eines der grundlegenden Rechte der ILO aufnehmen. Unsere gemeinsame Kampagne mit der EFBH ist darauf ausgerichtet zu zeigen, wie breit die Unterstützung für diesen Schritt unter Gewerkschaften und Arbeitgebern ist, dass nämlich Arbeitsschutz als Grundrecht anerkannt wird“, fügte Yuson hinzu.

Die BHI ruft alle Mitgliedsverbände dazu auf, sich zahlreich an der Kampagne zu beteiligen und dafür die Arbeitgeber von der Unterzeichnung einer Erklärung zu überzeugen, mit der die Aufnahme von Gesundheit und Sicherheit an der Arbeitsstätte als grundlegendes Recht durch die ILO unterstützt wird.

Sobald die Erklärung von einem Arbeitgeber unterzeichnet worden ist, sollen die Mitgliedsverbände sie an die BHI zurückschicken, wo eine Liste aller Gewerkschaften und Arbeitgeber weltweit zusammengestellt wird, die diese Erklärung mit ihrer Unterschrift unterstützen. Diese Liste wird dann verwendet, um mit noch mehr Energie die ILO dazu zu bewegen, den Arbeitsschutz als grundlegendes Recht anzuerkennen.

Die BHI wird die Namen derjenigen Unternehmen weltweit veröffentlichen, die sich an dieser Kampagne beteiligen, die das zentrale Element für den diesjährigen Gedenktag für die Opfer von Arbeitsunfällen am 28. April 2021 ist.

Weitere Informationen und eine Kopie der Erklärung sind beim jeweiligen BHI-Regionalbüro zu bekommen.

Global: Join the campaign for ILO to recognise OHS a fundamental right

BWI, together with others in the global trade union movement, is calling on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conference in June 2021 to establish healthy and safe workplaces as a fundamental right. The global union said that this would ensure that there is increased accountability on the part of governments and employers to international labour standards on health and safety.

Together with the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW), BWI has launched a campaign to show that unions and employers recognise the importance of healthy and safe workplaces.

“The 2019 ILO Centenary Declaration, unanimously adopted by governments, workers and employers, did not go far enough to ensure occupational health and safety for all workers.” said Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary.

“The ILO should do the right thing now and recognize occupational health and safety as an ILO Fundamental Right at Work. Our campaign with EFBWW is to show how wide the support for the recognition of health and safety as a fundamental right is amongst unions and employers,” Yuson added.

BWI calls on all affiliates to mobilise for the campaign by negotiating with employers to sign a declaration supporting the recognition of healthy and safe workplaces as a fundamental right by ILO.

Once the declarations have been signed, affiliates are asked to send them back to BWI where a list of all the union and employer signatories worldwide will be compiled. This will be used to motivate and persuade the ILO to recognise health and safety as a fundamental right.

BWI will publicise internationally the companies that have joined this campaign, which will be the main feature of its International Workers’ Memorial Day commemoration on 28 April 2021.

For more information and to get copies of the declaration, please contact your BWI regional office.

Global: Rejoignez la campagne pour que l’OIT reconnaisse la SST comme un droit fondamental

L’IBB, ainsi que d’autres membres du mouvement syndical mondial, demandent à la Conférence de l’Organisation internationale du travail (OIT) de juin 2021 de faire de la santé et de la sécurité au travail un droit fondamental. Le syndicat mondial a déclaré que cela garantirait une responsabilité accrue des gouvernements et des employeurs vis-à-vis des normes internationales du travail en matière de santé et de sécurité.

En collaboration avec la Fédération européenne des travailleurs du bâtiment et du bois (FETBB), l’IBB a lancé une campagne pour montrer que les syndicats et les employeurs reconnaissent l’importance de lieux de travail sains et sûrs.

“La déclaration du Centenaire de l’OIT de 2019, adoptée à l’unanimité par les gouvernements, les travailleurs et les employeurs, n’est pas allée assez loin pour garantir la santé et la sécurité au travail pour tous les travailleurs”, a déclaré Ambet Yuson, secrétaire général de l’IBB.

“L’OIT devrait faire ce qu’il faut maintenant et reconnaître la santé et la sécurité au travail comme un droit fondamental au travail. Notre campagne avec la FETBB vise à montrer à quel point le soutien à la reconnaissance de la santé et de la sécurité comme droit fondamental est large parmi les syndicats et les employeurs”, a ajouté Yuson.

L’IBB appelle tous les affiliés à se mobiliser pour la campagne en négociant avec les employeurs pour qu’ils signent une déclaration soutenant la reconnaissance des lieux de travail sains et sûrs comme un droit fondamental par l’OIT.

Une fois les déclarations signées, les affiliés sont invités à les renvoyer à l’IBB, qui établira une liste de tous les syndicats et employeurs signataires dans le monde. Cette liste sera utilisée pour motiver et persuader l’OIT de reconnaître la santé et la sécurité comme un droit fondamental.

L’IBB fera connaître au niveau international les entreprises qui se sont jointes à cette campagne, qui sera l’élément principal de la Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleurs, le 28 avril 2021.

Pour plus d’informations et pour obtenir des copies de la déclaration, veuillez contacter votre bureau régional de l’IBB.

Global: Únase a la campaña para que la OIT reconozca la SST como un derecho fundamental

La ICM, junto con otros miembros del movimiento sindical mundial, hace un llamado a la Conferencia de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT), de junio de 2021, para que reconozca el derecho a lugares de trabajo saludables y seguros como un derecho fundamental. La ICM está convencida de que esto garantizaría una mayor responsabilidad por parte de los gobiernos y los empleadores con el cumplimiento de las normas internacionales del trabajo sobre salud y seguridad.

Junto con la Federación Europea de Trabajadores de la Construcción y la Madera (FETCM), la ICM ha lanzado una campaña para mostrar que los sindicatos y los empleadores reconocen la importancia de lugares de trabajo saludables y seguros.

“La Declaración del Centenario de la OIT de 2019, adoptada por unanimidad por gobiernos, trabajadores y empleadores, no fue lo suficientemente lejos como para garantizar salud y seguridad ocupacional para todos los trabajadores”, aseguró Ambet Yuson, Secretario General de la ICM.

“La OIT debería hacer lo correcto ahora y reconocer la salud y la seguridad en el trabajo como un derecho fundamental de la OIT en el trabajo. Nuestra campaña con la FETCM fue diseñada para mostrar cuán amplio es el apoyo al reconocimiento de la salud y la seguridad como un derecho fundamental entre los sindicatos y empleadores”, agregó Yuson.

La ICM convoca a todas sus organizaciones afiliadas en el mundo a que se movilicen para negociar con los empleadores la firma de una declaración conjunta que respalde el reconocimiento de los lugares de trabajo saludables y seguros como un derecho fundamental de la OIT.

Una vez que se hayan firmado las declaraciones, se solicitará a los afiliados que envíen copias a la ICM, con el fin de compilarlas en una lista única de todos los sindicatos y empleadores que están de acuerdo con nuestra consigna de campaña en todo el mundo. El documento final se utilizará para motivar y persuadir a la OIT para que reconozca la salud y la seguridad como un derecho fundamental.

La ICM dará a conocer internacionalmente las empresas que se han sumado a esta campaña. De esta manera, se espera conmemorar el Día Internacional de Conmemoración a los Trabajadores Fallecidos y Lesionados por Accidentes de Trabajo, el 28 de abril de 2021.

Para obtener más información y obtener copias de la declaración, comuníquese con su Oficina Regional de la ICM.

USA: PWA Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs webinar – 25 de marzo de 2021

En muchos sentidos, este año es la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs Trabajadorxs más grande que nuestro movimiento ha planeado. Mientras todas las demás lesiones, enfermedades y muertes relacionadas con el lugar de trabajo aún persisten, millones de personas han contraído COVID en el trabajo, y los ojos del público finalmente están puestos en la seguridad y salud ocupacional.

¡Únase a nuestro seminario web el próximo jueves para prepararse para la SEMANA MÁS PODEROSA DE ACCIÓN Y DE COMPARTIR HISTORIAS que conmemoran a lxs trabajadorxs! 

Fecha:                         Jueves 25 de marzo de 2021

Hora:               2:00pm a 3:30 pm Este / 1:00pm a 2:30pm Centro / 11:00am a 12:30pm Pacífico

¿Quién?          Todxs lxs que estén planeando un evento de la Semana Conmemorativa de lxs 


¿Cómo?          ??Zoom, ¡complete esta forma rápida de inscripción!

La Semana Conmemorativa de los Trabajadorxs es una semana de acción planificada alrededor del Día Conmemorativo de lxs Trabajadorxs Fallecidxs, que se conmemora el 28 de abril de cada año. En todo EE.UU. y en todo el mundo, los sindicatos, los familiares sobrevivientes y los activistas de salud y seguridad toman medidas para recordar a aquellos que han resultado lesionados, padecen enfermedades o perdieron la vida en el trabajo y renuevan su fuego para luchar por lugares de trabajo seguros.


Nos vemos pronto,

USA: PWA Workers’ Memorial Week webinar 21 March 2021

In many ways, this year is the biggest Workers’ Memorial Week our movement has planned! While all other workplace-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities still persist, millions of people have contracted COVID at work, and the public’s eyes are finally on occupational safety and health.

Join our webinar next Thursday to prepare for the MOST POWERFUL WORKERS’ MEMORIAL WEEK ACTION AND STORYTELLING! 

Date:   Thursday, March 25, 2021 

Time:   2:00pm to 3:30pm ET / 1:00pm to 2:30pm CT / 11:00am to 12:30pm PT 

Who?   Everyone planning a Workers’ Memorial Week event    

How?   ?? Zoom , please fill out this quick registration form!

Workers’ Memorial Week is a week of action planned around Workers’ Memorial Day, which is commemorated on April 28 each year. Nationwide and around the world, unions, surviving family members, and health and safety activists take action to remember those who have been injured, suffered illnesses, or lost their lives at work and renew their fire to fight for safe workplaces.


See you soon,

UK: Safe work is a right not a privilege

Workers’ Memorial Day, held on 28 April every year, brings together workers and their representatives from all over the world to remember the dead and fight for the living. In 2021 the theme is: Health and Safety is a fundamental workers’ right.

Remember those we have lost and
organise in their memory.

The Covid-19 crisis underscores the need for our mental health services to be supported and for workers to know that there is help for them when they need it.

While we may not be able to attend the memorial events which usually take place, we want to build a day of ‘virtual’ action on Wednesday 28 April.

Hold a minute’s silence

Join in the minute’s silence at 11:00, which is held every year to commemorate lost workers.

Until then make sure you join a union and and get active, unions keep workers safer so join Unite today.

For further resources, including #IWMD21 posters, please visit Unite at Work –  Health and Safety.

Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living