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AFL-CIO’s Workers Memorial Day web page is  live! – and available for you to order materials and download artwork to use for your events, trainings, conferences, newsletters, and more.

Each year since 1989, we commemorate this day to honor those we have lost on the job and we will organize to make the fundamental right of a safe job a reality for all workers. This year’s theme is “Organize! Safe Jobs Now.” focusing on dignity at work, the growth of the labor movement and equity through safe workplaces.

Please join us this April 28 to honor the victims of workplace injury and illness and the call to organize safe jobs for all workers. As we do every year, trade unionists around the country and globe will organize our communities and workplaces to observe Workers Memorial Day. We will highlight the toll of job injuries and deaths; demand that elected officials put workers’ well-being above corporate interests; and demand safe jobs for all. This year, and every year, the labor movement will defend the right of every worker to a safe job and build collective power to make that right a reality.

We can’t do this alone, and together, we need to organize all workers in this fight for safer working conditions. We are building campaigns leading up to the end of April and throughout the year to mourn and fight.

Please use the resources below when planning for this year’s Workers Memorial Day and reach out to us with any questions, concerns, comments along the way.

Materials and Artwork:

Please visit this page to view and download this year’s materials and artwork. These include posters, stickers, and fliers in English and Spanish. Stickers are available for “Organize! Safe Jobs Now” and for “Mourn for the Dead. Fight for the Living.”

Please place your order for materials here. You can either pick up materials in person at our Washington DC headquarters or have them shipped to you.

Workers Memorial Day Events:

We want to hear about your Workers Memorial Day plans! Please share your event with us so that we can include it on our map of events across the country. Plan events, actions, activities and observances with suggestions in our flier.

Toolkit Coming Soon:

We are working expediently to distribute more materials to help you plan your commemorations and advocacy efforts. These include talking points, sample materials for media outreach, worker safety and health facts, state-by-state safety and health data, fact sheets, digital resources, infographics and more.

How to reach out to us about Workers Memorial Day: or 202-637-5047

Hashtags you can use to build solidarity online around Workers Memorial Day: 

#iwmd2023 #WorkersMemorialDay #1uSafety

Please note: Our annual report, Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, will be published at the end of April. You can place orders now for a hard copy of the report, and it will be shipped later. It will also be available electronically.

Come organize with us!

Netherlands: FNV Symposium Workers’ Memorial Day

FNV Symposium Workers’ Memorial Day

On the 28th of April the Dutch National Trade Union FNV and the Foundation for Work Related Accidents (Stichting Arbeidsongevallen) will organise a symposium at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in honour of the Workers’ Memorial Day.

Central topic will be that occupational health and safety is a fundamental workers’ right. In the Netherlands every year over 4000 workers die due to work related accidents or diseases. This is unacceptable!

The symposium will have presentations from Kitty Jong, vice president of FNV, Hanneke van den Bout, director Health and Safety of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Rits de Boer, Inspector General of the Dutch Labour Inspection and Jan Warning, director of Institute of Victims of Occupational Diseases by Hazardous Substances (ISBG).

There will also be various presentations by workers about their experiences at the airport work floor of Schiphol. These workers, like luggage handlers, face very harsh safety and health conditions and are only paid minimum wages.

The foundation for Work Related Accidents will present results of their research on work related accidents among precarious workers.

At the end of the event the Laura Brugmans award will be handed out. Laura Brugmans was one of the founders of the Foundation for Work Related Accidents.


More information on FNV’s policy for OSH

UK: TUC – Our big day is just 7 weeks away!

In seven weeks’ time, it will be International Workers’ Memorial Day, which as many of you know is an international day marked by the trade union movement to remember all workers who lost their lives to workplace illness or injury, and to recommit ourselves to fighting to keep workers safe: Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living!

You might: On 28 April remember someone who died as a result of work by using our online memorial wall; check out our workers’ health & safety timeline and use it for member education; host a IWMD event and list it on our website with an interactive map; or ask your local council to sign up to our Stay Safe, Join a Union campaign.

Action Online memorial wall. IWMD interactive events map. Stay Safe, Join a Union campaign.

Resources IWMD posters and graphics for social media. TUC guide to Organising on Health and Safety. Upcoming TUC Education courses for reps







Global: Organising for health and safety on 28 April 2023

Announcing the theme for International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April this year, ITUC’s deputy general secretary Owen Tudor noted ILO’s recognition that a safe and healthy work environment is a fundamental right for workers, adding: “This has given a new impetus to organising for health and safety – a crucial part of union action. This year’s Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28 is dedicated to this core union priority.”

ITUC/Hazards 28 April 2023 websiteTUC #iwmd23 webpagesITUC newsletter, 6 February 2023. Occupational health and safety adopted as an ILO fundamental right at work.

Health and Safety and Organising – A guide for reps, TUC and related interactive guide for union reps (you may need to register to access this resource).

More on organising for OHS15 February 2023

UK: Organising 101- Hazards magazine

Read the Organising 101 column by trade union activist, tutor and anti-blacklisting campaigner Dave Smith.

1. Using flower power at work
2. A walk in the park
3. If you want to win, you better listen
4. Blocking roads and turning a corner
5. Getting bugged by hot desking
6. Something for the weekend

7. Find a friend
8. Just ask what workers want
9. You gotta fight for your right to safety
10. Imagine you’re a tree
11. How to stress test your workplace
12. Unreasonable behaviour
13. Check your make up
14. Pilot study
15. All together now
16. Bright sparks
17. Corporate capture
18. No accident
19. Get back to the classroom
20. No accident [Part 2]


UK: 28 April organising resources from TUC and Hazards magazine

Health and Safety and Organising – A guide for reps, TUC and related interactive guide for union reps (you may need to register to access this resource).


Organising for OHS, Hazards website.






Global: la organización en favor de la salud y la seguridad –una parte crucial de la acción sindical

2023 será un año clave para los sindicatos y para los trabajadores y las trabajadoras. El año pasado conseguimos que se reconociera que un entorno laboral seguro y saludable es un derecho de los trabajadores. Esto ha dado un nuevo impulso a la organización en favor de la salud y la seguridad –una parte crucial de la acción sindical–. La Jornada Internacional de Conmemoración de los Trabajadores Fallecidos y Lesionados, el 28 de abril, está dedicada este año a esta prioridad sindical fundamental.

Owen Tudor, secretario general adjunto de la CSI.
Boletín de la CSI – Febrero 2023.


Global: l’organisation des travailleurs en faveur de la santé et de la sécurité – un volet primordial de l’action syndicale

2023 sera une année cruciale pour les syndicats et pour les personnes qui travaillent. L’année dernière, nous avons obtenu qu’un environnement de travail sûr et sain soit reconnu comme un droit pour les travailleurs. Cette reconnaissance a donné un nouvel élan à l’organisation des travailleurs en faveur de la santé et de la sécurité – un volet primordial de l’action syndicale. Cette année, la Journée internationale de commémoration des travailleurs décédés et blessés, le 28 avril, sera dédiée à cette priorité syndicale essentielle.

Owen Tudor, secrétaire général adjoint de la CSI.
Bulletin d’information de la CSI – Février 2023.


Global: Organising for health and safety – a crucial part of union action

2023 will be a key year for trade unions and working people. Last year, we secured recognition that a safe and healthy work environment is a right for workers. This has given a new impetus to organising for health and safety – a crucial part of union action. This year’s Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28 is dedicated to this core union priority.

Owen Tudor, ITUC deputy general secretary.
ITUC newsletter, 6 February 2023.


Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living

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