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Montenegro: Construction union SGIGMCG receives award for outstanding safety work

On the occasion of the International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April, the Association of Occupational Safety and Health of Montenegro awarded Nenad Markovic, President of the Trade Union of Construction and Industry of Building Materials of Montenegro (SGIGMCG), for his union’s exemplary contribution to the promotion of occupational health and safety.
On receiving the award, Markovic thanked the award-giving association, saying the it is an added incentive and inspiration for trade unionists to further their work on workplace health and safety. He expressed optimism that OHS will soon become a fundamental labor right at the next International Labour Conference. He concluded his speech with the resounding message: “jobs should not kill!”

Montenegro: SGIGMCG demands workers are fully protected during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nenad Markovic, President of the Trade Union of Construction and Building Materials Workers of Montenegro (SGIGMCG) demands that workers should be fully protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said that PPE equipment, physical distance protocols, safe transportation and other health measures should be provided to construction workers.

“The situation is serious. But through the joined efforts of government, unions and employers, we can ensure the health and safety of all, and find a way out of this crisis.”
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