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Ghana: CBMWU raise workers awareness of their right to healthy and safe work

The Construction and Building Materials Workers Union of TUC ( CBMWU) in Ghana observed this year’s International Workers’ Memorial Day together with workers employed at the Amandi Investments Group Limited based in the country’s Takoradi Western Region.
The union’s General Secretary and Industrial Relations officers took advantage of the commemoration and educated workers on occupational health and safety as a fundamental right of all workers. They also offered a minute silence to all construction workers who died in the performance of their work.

Ghana: Multiple activities to mark 28 April

BWI affiliated unions CBMWU, GCMQWU, PUWU and  PSWU are plunge a joint occupational health and safety campaign. The initiative includes workplace visits to raise safety awareness among workers and to promote and evaluate the impact of safety campaigns in construction.

Another BWI affiliate, TWU, is planning similar activities with workplace visits and discussion on drafting workplace policy with activists, workers and inspectors.

Ghana: CBMWU calls on government to protect workers’ safety and rights

Message from Ghana’s Construction and Building Materials Workers Union on the International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April.

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