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Senegal: Construction workers’ union calls on employers to implement OHS as a fundamental right – #iwmd23

The National Syndicate of Construction Workers and BPT (SNTC/BTP), an affiliated with the IBB in Senegal, commemorated the International Workers Commemoration Day 2023 with a workplace campaign in Eiffage Senegal and calling on employers to act for the implementation of SST as what a fundamental workers right.

Senegal: BWI affiliates to raise awareness of work safety issues in SMEs to mark 28 April

Global building unions’ federation BWI has announced the 28 April plans of its Senegal affiliates.

National Union of Construction and Civil Works of Senegal (SNTC/BTP) will conduct workplace campaigns to promote occupational safety in the small and middle enterprises to create awareness of workplace safety issues.


Gabon: SNTC/BTP affiliés de l’IBB au Gabon et au Sénégal ont célébré la journée du 28 Avril 2020

The UTBTPBSP and the associated NMP / construction of the in Gabon and Senegal celebrated the day of April 2020, 28, the International Memorial Day of Workers (JICT) under the theme: ” PROTECT WORKERS! stop THE COVID-19 “. #BWI2020IWMD