Global: Fighting for climate justice for food, farm and hotel workers in the face of climate change – IUF

The climate crisis puts the lives and livelihoods of millions of food, farm and hospitality workers at severe risk, the global food and farming union federation IUF says. As the planet warms, farming practices, food and beverage processing, trade and tourism must change and adapt. The IUF and its affiliates demand to be part of the solution, to negotiate with employers, governments and international institutions.  Rights, decent jobs and sustainable communities are at the core of the IUF response.

IUF says the working people of the world are most affected by climate instability, including those working in agriculture, food and beverage processing and tourism.

It is calling on UN institutions and International Finance Institutions (IFIs), national, state and local governments, “to work with trade unions to implement a Just Transition to a green and sustainable economy which prioritizes climate stability, biodiversity, social protection, respect for human rights and equality as a means to ensuring decent work, climate justice and the protection of democratic rights.”

IUF “pledges to put just transition and climate justice at the core of IUF work on the climate crisis,” it says.