UK: NASUWT encourages mass participation at #iwmd23

International Workers’ Memorial Day allows us to remember the dead and fight for the living

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, we remember all those who have died at work and reconfirm our commitment to fight for the living.

This Thursday 28 April, we encourage our members to take part in remembering all those who have died at work or as a result of their workplace environment.

All workplaces should be healthy and safe environments. Organised workplaces are safer workplaces and having an active union in a workplace:

  • helps reduce injuries at work;
  • leads to a reduction in the levels of ill health caused by work;
  • encourages greater reporting of injuries and near misses;
  • makes workers more confident and productive;
  • helps develop a more positive safety culture; and
  • saves the economy many millions of pounds.

Ways you can get involved with Workers’ Memorial Day

  1. Become a Health and Safety Rep or recruit another Rep – does your school/college have a Health and Safety Rep? If not, why not consider becoming one? If it does, recruit someone else.
  2. We’ve produced a range of Wellbeing Tools for Teachers that include advice on identifying and dealing with stress, mental health problems and violent behaviour in the classroom, as well as ways to access support and training.
  3. A key revelation found in our latest Teacher Wellbeing Survey was that workload is still the main factor responsible for creating work-related stress.
  4. Activists can use our Wellbeing at Work Audits (login) to help assess wellbeing in their workplace.
  5. Take advantage of our free Health and Safety training programme – Health and Safety Reps save lives and prevent illness and injury because they have specialised training.
TUC International Workers Memorial Day

  1. Find a local event near you or if you’re organising one add it to the TUC list.
  2. Hold a one-minute silence – join other union activists taking part in a one-minute silence at 12 noon to remember those who have died because of their work.
  3. Share images – raise awareness of Workers’ Memorial Day at work with the TUC poster and images on social media. A New Social Contract
ILO World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023

Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living

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