Mauritius: Union campaign action ahead of 28 April

CTSP (Mauritius) held a virtual activity on Saturday 24 April. The activity had a series of other connected activities, ie. local and national level:

  1. Posters
  2. Explanation on the posters in different languages
  3. Pictures by our staff and the leadership
  4. Letter addressed to the Minister of Labour and Industrial Relations demanding :
    (a) That a Covid-19 OSH Regulations be promulgated
    (b) That Covid-19 be recognised as an Occupational Disease
    (c)  And a series of measures that employers and government should take immediately
  5. Virtual meeting with our union delegates  through ZOOM and broadcasted live on FACEBOOK  where workers had an opportunity  to ask questions to our 3 experts on OSH, namely  (1)  The President of the CTSP – Brother Reeaz Chuttoo  (2) Ms Farheen   Domun – our OSH Consultant (3) Dr Ackmez Chuttoo – Occupational Physician
  6. Letter of invitation to the Press
  7. The above mentioned virtual meeting was followed by the Press, TV and Radio included.
  8. A pamphlet in our local language on OSH as per model from BWI (where one of our unions, the CMWEU,  is affiliated)

Jane Ragoo

General Secretary – CTSP (Mauritius) Confédération des Travailleurs des Secteurs Publique et Privé

5 Nalla Street (Ex 6-10), Elias Street – Rose Hill, Republic of Mauritius