Canada: PIPSA calls for more action to stop workplace fatalities

Worker's Day of Mourning

Each year, on the National Day of Mourning, we commemorate those who lost their lives, were injured or became ill due to a work accident or occupational exposure.

Join PIPSC members and labour activists across the country in ceremonies this Sunday, April 28.


We continue to call on employers and governments to do more to prevent such fatalities from happening in the first place. Take action with workers in Canada and email your labour minister to demand:

  • proactive inspections, a robust enforcement regime, strong health and safety committees, and a systemic approach to prevention,
  • a strong, effective workplace health and safety committee,
  • ensure consequences when employers do not fulfill their duty to ensure a safe workplace, and
  • call on your federal counterpart to reinstate the previous, stronger definition of danger in the Canada Labour Code. The right to refuse unsafe work is one of the three basic rights at work in Canada.

Take the time to discuss occupational health and safety issues with your co-workers, as well as about how accidents could affect their lives.

Accidents happen so fast! Yet many are avoidable.