USA: Heat campaign toolkit for Workers’ Memorial Week

HomePublic Citizen, the US public interest advocacy organisation, has published a Heat Campaign toolkit for Workers’ Memorial Week (#iwmd19 / #workerssmemorialweek) that includes graphics, sample Tweets, hashtags, handles, links and a sample letter. You can view the kit below and also download it here.

Heat Campaign Toolkit for Workers Memorial Week

Campaign Background

Excessive heat exposure endangers outdoor and indoor workers, as well as vulnerable populations. Heat is the leading weather-related killer, and it’s intensifying with climate change. Despite these warnings, the U.S. does not require workplace heat protections.

This #WorkersMemorialWeek, we’re raising awareness around workers who have died or suffered on the job as a result of dangerous heat, and we’re pushing for action and policy change to prevent future fatalities. Because a safe job is every worker’s right!



Handles (please add your org’s handle)


Action Links

Grassroots Petition to OSHA:
Letter to the Editor Tool:
Alert for FL Heat Legislation:

Organizational Sign-On Letter

Add your organization to the following sign-on letter by 2:00 pm ET on 4/26, for OSHA to issue a heat standard for Workers Memorial Week:


Heat fatalities can affect everyone exposed to hot temps — from workers laboring in the hot sun to those who lack ventilation indoors. We need a national heat stress standard so employers are required to make worker safety a priority. #WorkersMemorialWeek

18 of the 19 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. While we desperately need bold action to stop climate change, @OSHA_DOL must move now to protect workers from the dangers of heat stress. #WorkersMemorialWeek

Heat is the leading weather-related killer in the U.S. As greenhouse gas pollution increasingly warms the planet, the toll that heat takes on workers is getting worse. #WorkersMemorialWeek

From 1992 through 2017, exposure to excessive environmental heat killed 815 U.S. workers and seriously injured over 70,000. With accelerating climate change, worker injuries and deaths due to excessive heat exposure are projected to increase in the coming years. #WorkersMemorialWeek

260,000 U.S. workers are at risk of heat-related illnesses and deaths with no standard in place to protect them. This #WorkersMemorialWeek, we’re urging @OSHA_DOL to enact national heat stress protections that would keep our workers safe:

On our current greenhouse gas emissions path, by 2100 nearly the entire southeastern U.S. will experience on average more than 85 deadly heat days per year. @OSHA_DOL must act now to protect workers from dangerous heat exposure. #WorkersMemorialWeek

The current epidemic of heat-related injuries and deaths will worsen in the coming years, as record-breaking summers become the norm. We need action to stop further climate change and protect workers from the temperature rise that’s already locked in. #WorkersMemorialWeek

The solutions to heat-related injuries are common-sense: hydration, shade, and rest breaks. But most employers won’t implement them voluntarily. @OSHA_DOL must enact a national heat stress standard to protect workers in danger. #WorkersMemorialWeek

Heat fatalities can be prevented by access to water, shade and rest breaks. But many employers deny workers these basic needs — causing countless people to needlessly die every summer. Take action this #WorkersMemorialWeek to protect workers:



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