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Moldova: CNSM actions on 28 April

Since 2010, upon trade unions’ initiative, the 28th of April has been officially recognized as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work in the Republic of Moldova. Confederation together with its affiliates organizes a large activity on the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. At this activity were present more than 800 people.

The objective of this activity was calling and mobilization of the trade union members to act for the prevention of the occupational risks, decrease of the accident risk and disease factors. This call consists in avoiding and diminishing the risk factors on the human organism.

At the meeting participated CNSM representatives, State Labour Inspection, and ILO. The trade unionists from Moldova advocate for the development of the workplace accidents prevention mechanisms, prevention of the professional diseases, improvement of the work conditions in the national enterprises, compliance with the international and national standards.

The situation in the Republic of Moldova is as follows: annually, there are about 500 people with get injured and 40 people who die because of the accidents at the workplace. The indexes of the professional diseases are quiet low and decrease each year.

This activity has been reflected in mass media (national newspapers, radio, TV) as well as in the trade union newspaper “Vocea Poporului” (people’s voice) and on CNSM website.