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Global: Remembering those we have lost, demanding change so we lose no more – UNI Global Union

Even before the catastrophic spread of COVID-19, 7,600 people died daily because of work-related illness or injury. And during the pandemic, millions of essential workers represented by UNI Global Union and our affiliates—often migrants, women, and people of colour—have risked exposure to this deadly virus to support their communities and their families. Tragically, an untold number have died.

“This International Workers’ Memorial Day, we remember the workers who are no longer with us. We hold their loved ones in our thoughts. We recognize they did not sign up to risk their lives when they worked so bravely to keep our societies running,” said UNI Global Union General Secretary Christy Hoffman. “And we honour them today—and the many others killed or injured from working—by fighting for the living.”  Read more here

Global: “On #IWMD21, we remember the workers who are no longer with us” – UNI Global Union

ImageSee @CHoffmanUNI‘s full video ?https://t.co/SXyUh9uSh0 pic.twitter.com/QImXM804CF