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Hungary: MaSZSZ activities for International Workers’ Memorial Day

April 27 evening 19.30   Function and laying of wreath at the April 28 Trade union Memorial commemorating victims of workplace accidents and damage to health. The memorial, erected by MSZOSZ is the traditional meeting place of unionists, safety reps and actors of the OSH community.

April 28, 16.00   Flashmob / rally by the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation (MaSZSZ), and its youth sections  raising public awareness of the worsening trends in workplace safety and health in Hungary. In 2014 there was 14.2% increase -around 20.000- of serious, and 4% increase – 69- fatal workplace accidents! All this resulted in much pain, human suffering, not only for our colleagues and families, while the government have decapacitated the inspection and prevention authority.

The Hungarian Trade Union Confederation calls for effective measures of prevention and adherence to the workplace safety and health regulations, and to the reinstating of the health and safety authority!

Contact: Károly György, kgyorgy@mszosz.hu