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Hungary: Video from Liga of the 28 April action “Do not go through it!”

Trade unions will call on citizens’ solidarity in Hungary

The Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions (LIGA) who has in the past organised flash-mobs, stunts and other actions, will once again top the list of the most original trade unions with an action in front of the Eastern Railway station of Budapest. The union will draw on the ground 78 human size shapes, in commemoration of the 78 fatal occupational accident victims of the year 2014 in Hungary. A video will be displayed to catch the reaction of people walking by. LIGA’s slogan will be “Don’t walk through it!”

The action will start on April 28th at 5 am.

LIGA will also be organising a Health and Safety seminar on the 28th of April and will have the first establishing meeting of LIGA’s Health and Safety Committee

For more information on LIGA’s action for this 28th April, please contact kallay.piroska@liganet.hu