Albania: BSPSH activities on 28 April


A message from Gezim Kalaja President of BSPSH:

albania 28 april 4


Today  on 28 April the National Council of BSPSH for these important day  BSPSH had a special event  ( The Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania) and all other federations of BSPSH  as well as   Independent Trade Union of Albanian Miners,  Independent  Trade Union of Albanian Education Independent  Trade Union of Albanian Health, Independent Trade Union of Albanian Telecom ,  -Independent Trade Union of Albanian Typography ,  Independent Trade Union of Civilian Employees of  Defense and Order,  Independent Trade Union of Industry and Textiles , Independent Trade Union of  Tourism  and Food Chemistry , -Independent Trade Union of Albanian Artists , -Independent Trade Union of Albanian Energy  , -Independent Trade Union of Albanian Construction Workers and Public Works     , – Independent Trade Union of Albanian Prision Police, -Independent Trade Union of Albanian Transmission System Operator.

We emphasized the role of the the trade union to promotes the prevention of occupational accidents  , to fight for our  workers , to have better conditions at the work place , and of course to have secure life, and to return safety home in their families , at their children .

The question was how to reduce the number of work-related deaths and injuries , especially for the miners , for worker construction ect.  How to improve legislation according to EU directives and to implement the ILO  Conventions and directives .Also for the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured we hold 1 minute of silence in memory  of the workers which are not between us !!

In solidarity

President of BSPSH