Belgium: CSC will focus on psychosocial hazards for 28 April

ACV-CSC is planning an action on the 28th of April to put the spotlight on the psycho-social risks at work and highlight their proposals for  better prevention of psycho-social risks.

The action will take at the “Place du Marché aux poisons”, in the centre of Brussels.

In the street theatre action, tight rope walkers will try to keep their balance while carrying weights that represent psycho-social burdens. The tightrope stands symbolically for the tight rope workers are walking when trying to balance work and life.  Workers may fall from the rope as a consequence of psychosocially overburdening.

There will also be a  number of  webinars in CSC Federations on 28 April in Wallonia and Flanders.

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Further details: Karin Debroey,  ACV-CSC