Indonesia: Local Initiative for OSH Network will mark 28 April in central Jakarta

Local Initiative for OSH Network (LION), BWI’s partner for “Ban Asbestos” in Indonesia initiated workers’ Memorial Day gathering at traffic circle of Hotel Indonesia (Bundaran HI), the landmark of the Central Jakarta.  The gathering will engage groups of Indonesia Ban Asbestos Network (INA-BAN) and port workers and building material unions. In this gathering, the groups will pay respect to the OSH victims and reminding people the hazard of asbestos that has been used massively in Indonesia to construct the buildings. The campaign tagline is paying respect to the construction workers who built the city. The poster and flyers with the slogan: “workplace is not a cemetery” reminds people that construction sector is still the most hazardous work in Indonesia that contributes to 32 percent of the occupational accident in the country.