Britain: No-one is coming to save you

Since the Conservatives came to power in the UK, the number of workers harmed by their jobs each year has increased by 30 per cent, but convictions for criminal safety offences have fallen by 75 per cent.

Preventive Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspections are down by over two-thirds. Fines are in freefall. The trade union-backed safety journal Hazards says this is no accident, it a policy of deliberate and sustained criminal neglect. It warns no UK government has ever cared less.

The report notes unions have always fought for the lives as well as the livelihoods of working people, concluding: “On 28 April – International Workers’ Memorial Day – it has never been more important to make a stand.”

Check out the damning new analysis from Hazards of soaring work-related ill-health and collapsing enforcement in the UK.