Philippines: IOHSAD candle lighting ceremony on 28 April

Dear Friends, 

We will mark this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day in the Philippines together with Hanjin shipyard workers. On April 28, a candle lighting program will be held in a workers’ community in Zambales located near the Hanjin shipyard to remember the workers who died due to work. 

We will post photos in our social media accounts on the actual day of the WMD activity. 

Thank you! Warm regards, IOHSAD Team in the Philippines


We remember, organize and fight for safe workplaces!

On April 28,  Filipino workers will commemorate Workers’ Memorial Day by amplifying their call for safe workplaces and the enactment of a pro-worker occupational safety and health (OSH) bill. For the first time, IOHSAD, a workplace safety NGO will hold its WMD activity together with Hanjin shipyard workers in Zambales.


We remember the more than 40 Hanjin shipyard workers who have died due to work since 2006.  They were victims of grave violations of OSH standards committed by Hanjin and its neglect of workers’ safety.  On April 28, we remember their names and pledge to fight for safe workplaces for all workers.


Countless workers all over the country confront various workplace hazards that put their lives at risk.  On April 28, we demand for the immediate passage of a pro-worker occupational safety and health (OSH) bill that will help prevent workplace accidents and deaths.  We reiterate our call for an OSH Bill that pushes for the criminalization of OSH standards violations and government’s mandatory inspection of all types of workplaces in the country.


We will unionize and consolidate our organizations to fight for our right to safe workplaces!  Unions serve as the workers’ most reliable shields against employers who disregard workers’ safety and put workers’ lives in constant danger at work.  On April 28, we will pledge to build  strong and militant unions to fight for our occupational safety and health rights.

Safe Workplaces Now!

Criminalize OSH Violations!

Pass a Pro-Workers Occupational Safety and Health Bill NOW! 

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