Ireland: A “staggering” level of work fatalities

The Irish Health and Safety Agency has published the following information,  advice and resources for International Workers’ Memorial Day..

For everyone with an interest in the safety, health and welfare of people at work, April 28th is an important date. It’s the date every year when trade union and employer groups worldwide, as well as individual organisations, remember those who have been killed or injured in work-related accidents.

In Ireland the figures are staggering.  In the 3 year period between 2014 and 2016, 156 people were killed in work-related accidents and thousands more badly injured. Last year alone 45 people were killed.  These are shocking statistics by any standards.

Colleagues from Congress, Ibec, the Health and Safety Authority and Construction Industry Federation will join together to mark the occasion with a national commemoration event in Dublin.  We are asking you, as a key stakeholder, to join the efforts nationally. To the mark the day there are a range of initiatives that your organisation should consider including:

  • Get involved by using the national Workers’ Memorial Day Ireland logo on your website, social media presence, presentations, email signatures, displays and in offices and workplaces. (download here) winzip icon small
  • In-house training sessions or a toolbox talk
  • Website/Social Media/Newsletter content
  • Guest speaker presentation to your staff
  • Press release to your local/national media marking your event / the day

Worker safety and health is everyone’s business and can only be tackled through a collaborative approach. April 28th presents an important opportunity to remember and to consolidate everyone’s focus around a single day. It will be an annually recurring national event. Please mark the date in your calendar and make the commitment to contribute to this most important challenge.

For further information contact Gavin Lonergan, Head of Communications at the HSA at or (01) 799 7838.