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Ukraine: Video produced by young Ukrainian workers calls for the ratification of ILO construction convention

Young Ukrainian workers from Kharkiv made a video calling for the ratification of ILO C 167. Starting from 2014, Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers Union of Ukraine, PROFBUD, has been working on the ratification campaign of the ILO Safety and Health in Construction Convention 167.

View it here

Ukraine: Construction union presents report to Government on 28 April

BWI affiliate, Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers’ Union in Ukraine “Profbud” has prepared a critique of current legislation on H&S in the Ukraine construction industry. The 90 page report will be presented to government and industry on 28th April in an International Workers Memorial Day event, with a strong recommendation to ratify C167. The report will then be translated and submitted to the ILO.

Next year at the ILC there will be a discussion, in the Committee for Application of Standards, on ILO C167 on H&S in construction. The BWI has alerted affiliates and advised on comments for the ILC discussion.