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USA: California’s Workers Memorial Week – We invite you to participate!

Every year on April 28th, we hold Workers’ Memorial Day to remember the millions of workers who have been injured or killed on the job, acknowledge the suffering experienced by families and communities, and to renew the fight for safe, healthy, and secure workplaces for all workers.

This year, we are calling on California state leadership and employers to protect workers from COVID-19. We invite you to join us throughout Workers Memorial Week (4/27 – 5/1) to uplift stories through your social media platforms that illustrate how the current health crisis is impacting workers, and exacerbating existing hazards and injustices. Let’s stand together to demand stronger protections for industries across the state now and beyond.

Participate by utilizing our Digital Toolkit, where you’ll find sample hashtags, tweets/posts, and graphics to upload to your respective social media pages. We also encourage you to repost any Workers Memorial Day content you come across – keep an eye out for other unions and worker centers in our network, who have been collecting stories of workers impacted by COVID-19 over the past few weeks (you can find those organizations listed under “allies to tag” in the toolkit).

Each day, we will have a theme and related demands to uplift the ways in which workers have been impacted by this crisis and what our state leaders need to do to better protect our communities:

  • Monday (4/27): General Health & Safety Day
  • Tuesday (4/28): Enforcement and Workplace Safeguards (Stronger Cal/OSHA Enforcement, PPE, Social Distancing, Hand washing, Expand Aerosol Transmitted Disease (ATD) to apply to all industries)
  • Wednesday (4/29): Financial Security
  • Thursday (4/30): Right to Refuse and Anti-Retaliation Protections
  • Friday (5/1): Health & Safety for All (May Day)

Here’s the facebook page for the week of action. Get in touch if you have questions or want to deepen your engagement in Workers’ Memorial Week!

Stay well, everyone!

Alice Berliner | Coordinator
Pronouns: She/Her
Southern California Coalition for Occupational Safety & Health
1000 N. Alameda St., Suite 240 | Los Angeles, Ca 90012
www.socalcosh.com | Facebook

USA: Join us this Workers Memorial Day to honor those who lost their lives – USW

The COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from gathering in person, but it won’t stop us from memorializing our Steelworker sisters and brothers who were injured or killed on the job on the last year.

Join us , April 28, at noon EST as we stream our 2020 Workers Memorial Day ceremony on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website.

Facebook: facebook.com/steelworkers/live
Instagram: Instagram.com/steelworkers
YouTube: youtube.com/steelworkers
USW Website: usw.org

We’ll take a few moments to reflect on those we’ve lost then do what we do: pivot into action to continue pushing for laws to make our workplaces safer.

Stay tuned for a series of educational webinars on our Facebook page kicking off this this week from our Health, Safety and Environment Department. Also look for information from Rapid Response about worker safety legislation we’re pushing. And watch for our Education Department’s video watch party series starting with the film, “Silkwood,” a drama based on health and safety concerns at a nuclear facility.

Finally, a reminder to visit usw.org/covid19 in the U.S. and usw.ca/covid19 in Canada often as we’re adding resources there daily to help us all get through this.

Asia: ANROEV activities and initiatives for 28 April

ANROEV has supplied a list of some of their affiliates’ initiatives in various countries campaigning for the recognition of COVID 19 as an occupational and compensable disease.

ANROEV affiliates activities [pdf]

USA: Farmworker Justice presents Facebook series ‘The state of farmworkers in the Covid-19 era’

Farmworker Justice is presenting a Facebook video series ‘The state of farmworkers in the Covid-19 era’

Guest speakers  include:

Farmworker Justice is collaborating with farmworker-serving organisations and many other organisations to help farmworker families confront the very serious challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more here: https://www.farmworkerjustice.org/advocacy-programs/covid-19

Farmworker homepage

USA: This Sunday 26 April Workers’ Memorial Day Virtual March

The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is holding a Virtual March for Workers’ Memorial Day on Sunday 26 April. Read their invite below:

Please Join Us  Sunday @ 1pm (US east coast) for a Virtual March for Workers’ Memorial Day 


In this time of COVID-19, please spend an hour with us for a virtual  Workers’ Memorial Day march to honor workers who have fallen ill or died from this deadly virus. This is a time to thank and honor essential workers’ who put their health and lives on the line every day when they leave the safety of their homes to go to work. From nurses and emergency responders to transit workers, grocery store clerks, warehouse workers and more. All workers are at risk!

Workers’ Memorial Day is a day to honor all workers who have suffered an occupational illness or disease or have suffered a workplace fatality. The sad truth is, most workplace deaths are preventable. As a society, we must put more of an emphasis on worker health and safety and an end to the injustice and the damage corporate greed causes working families.

On average, a worker dies every 100 minutes in the United States. Every 100 minutes a family is ripped apart. This must end.

Please join us to mourn those we lost, honor those who continue to work during the pandemic and fight like hell for change. You can do all of this from the comfort of your living room.

NJ Work Environment Council

172 West State Street, 2nd Floor
Trenton, NJ 08608, USA.
phone: 609/882-6100
website: www.njwec.org

USA: Protecting black workers in the time of Covid-19

To remember and raise just demands for workplace safety and health and freedom from all forms of discrimination, the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights invites you to attend their Webinar: Dark Work—Devalued and Unprotected: Protecting Black Workers in the Time of Covid-19, Wednesday April 29th 6pm CST/7pm EST.  Read their message below.

Dear Friends, Partners and Allies:

For the past 20 years, on or around April 28th (Workers’ Memorial Day), the Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights, has held its Annual Workers’ Memorial Day Rally (WMD) to honor Workers who lost their lives, while trying to make a living. As Black “essential”  Workers continue to die at beyond alarming, disproportionate rates in the time of Covid-19, during this year’s memorials we must remember them and in their names, we must fight harder for all those forced to risk their lives to feed and house their families.   To remember and raise just demands for workplace safety and health and freedom from all forms of discrimination, we invite you to attend our Webinar: Dark Work—Devalued and Unprotected: Protecting Black Workers in the Time of Covid-19, Wednesday April 29th 6pm CST/7pm EST.


Our program is part of a weeklong series of WMD events. Hear the stories of Black Workers, who are forced to work in life-threatening conditions with little or no protection. Hear from advocates and organizers who are standing in solidarity with them and their families.

Support WMD Week, April 25-May 2, 2020

I have attached two promotional flyers to this email (Flyer 1 and Flyer 2)

“No one should have to die to make a living”

Participating Organizations:

Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
Resist the Rona
National Employment Law Project
Concerned Citizens for Justice
National Domestic Workers Alliance
Black Alliance for Just Immigration
LA Black Worker Center
Southern Human Rights Organizers’  Conference (SHROC)
Stand With Dignity of the New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice

Stand Up KC

Featuring stories from the frontlines!

USA: USMWF- Workers’ Memorial Day Events

US campaign and support group Unite Support and Memorial for Workplace fatalities (USMWF) invites everyone to join them in a day of honoring, recognising and remembering fallen workers on 28 April. They hope you will help them get the word out and share with your family, friends and co-workers.

There will be a day of events;  in particular, they hope you will join them on April 28, 2020 at 7pm cst. for their ceremony LIVE on Facebook.

More details on USMWF’s 28 April activities

Enquiries Tonya Ford, Executive Director
USMWF.ORG, Inc (A 501 c3 non profit)PO Box 85171
Lincoln, NE 68501

USMWF Family Reunion/Support Group
Workers Memorial Day

USA: Worker health is public health

In the Covid-19 pandemic, worker health is public health – but worker safety and health is in crisis, a top US safety law expert has said. Debbie Berkowitz of the National Employment Law Project (NELP) said the US federal government “is failing to ensure the safety and health of workers – including those most at risk, health care workers. The government has also abandoned its role in keeping all other essential workers safe – those in supermarkets, delivery, warehouses, factories, public transportation and sanitation.”

But she added: “As the federal government walks away from its responsibility to protect workers in this crisis, unions and worker activism are helping to fill the vacuum.” Berkowitz noted that dangerous shortages of protective gear were being compounded by a lack of official oversight of working conditions. She criticised the lack of action by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “the government agency responsible for protecting worker’s health and safety on the job. In a sharp departure from previous pandemics and crises, OSHA is not conducting any Covid-19 enforcement—even for health care workers at risk.

This kind of ‘dereliction’ is unprecedented, she wrote, adding: “It’s the unions and an amazing exercise of worker power and activism that have come to the rescue.” The safety law expert concluded: “It is stunning for most of us to realise the weakness of the legal protections for worker safety and health. It is amazing to see the incredible efforts of the unions and rank and file workers – both unorganised and organised – to stand up and demand protections from employers.”