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Uganda: Building union UBCCECAWU highlights its campaign for safe work at LafargeHolcim

Uganda: Building union UBCCECAWU, a BWI affiliate, highlights its campaign for safe work at LafargeHolcim.


Get the picture? Global construction union federation BWI is leading the way on 28 April

Get the picture? Global construction union federation BWI is leading the way on 28 April… check out their photo gallery…

Georgia: Georgia Construction and Foresters Independent Trade Union commemorates workers killed on site.

Global union federation Building and Wood Workers’ International  (BWI) affiliate Georgia Construction and Foresters Independent Trade Union commemorates workers killed on site.


Pakistan: ‘Workers’ health and safety should be ensured and legislation be done’

Unions in Pakistan held a press conference on 28 April, demanding better workplace safety standards and effective safety laws and enforcement, and issued this statement:

The trade unions’ movement demands that the safety of workers at workplaces – Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) – is their basic rights which the International Labor Organization in its civil declaration 2008 has accepted. It is also the responsibility of the state, employers and relevant authorities to ensure workers safety and they have failed in doing so. To make the socio-economic conditions better, it is necessary that the OSH is put among the top priorities and the federal government ratifying the ILO convention 176 do a legislation like the Sindh government did. Pakistan is one of those countries in the world where accidents at workplaces and workers losing lives and getting injuries in them are happening on a nearly daily basis and its prevention is nowhere is seen in the governments’ concerns. Unfortunately, there is no record of industrial accident s with the relevant authorities and because of this, it is intractable to determine how many workers die, injure, develop diseases at workplaces and the economic loss these problems cause.

Pakistan is the country where we have seen worst workplace disasters in textile and ship-breaking industries like Baldia factory fire and Gadani oil tanker tragedy yet there has been no remedy nor do such incidents make it to report, except a few, and the daily casualties are taken very casual. This appalling situation can trigger another industrial disaster anytime. The most recent example of it is the fire in the Lucky garments factory in Federal B Industrial Area in Karachi which could cause a massive human loss. It is in the very city that has 70 percent of the country’s industries but safety is a rare thing to be found here. At one side there are no safety arrangements in factories nor workers are trained to deal with emergency situations and on the other, the fire brigade department is in the ruins, They have no adequate resources to fight off the blazes. Though Sindh government has passed the OSH law, there has been no implementation on it.

According to an ILO report, 2.3 million people die in accidents at workplaces and of diseases caused by their work in the world and this inflict an annual loss of USD3 trillion. There are no data about Pakistan, however. The same ILO report states that two billion workers in the world are unhealthy and they suffer hand to mouth economic condition with life insecurity. Among them, 77 percent work on daily wages, contract and part-time and because of having no OSH the global economy suffer 10 to 15 percent losses in the GDP. Every year, 313 million workers get injuries during work in the world, meaning 860,000 daily. Similarly, 6400 die daily in work-related incidents.

With regard to OSH, the most dangerous sector is of construction and that is among the six top industries in the world where the workplaces casualties are alarmingly high. In Pakistan, the construction industry is booming because of the ‘development’ going around, yet there is no account of workers’ health and safety. To end the poverty and inequality in the society, giving employment and social security to the people is inevitable. Otherwise, the change and the establishment of an ideal situation is a mere dream.

Through this press conference, we demand that:

* Workers health and safety should be ensured in all industries, including textile and ship-breaking
* Like Sindh, other provinces in the country and the Center should make legislation in light of OSH and ensure implementation on it
* Monitoring committees, having workers representatives onboard, should be made at the provincial and federal level for an effective implementation
* Special legislation should be made for ship-breaking and construction sectors
* Governments should run campaigns to create awareness about health and safety and the subject should be included in the curriculum

Those who spoke at the press conference are Nasir Mansoor, deputy general secretary National Trade Union Federation, Zehra Khan, general secretary Home Based Women Workers Federation, Gul Rehman, general secretary Aluminium Packages Azad Workers Union (CBA), Riaz Abbasi, general secretary Atlas Group of Companies Workers Union (CBA), Bashir Ahmed Mehmoodani, president Ship Breaking Workers Union Gadani, Saeeda Khatoon, chairperson Ali Enterprises Factory (Baldia) Fire Affectees Association, and Mushtaq Ali Shan, information secretary Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union (CBA).

Nasir Mansoor, deputy general secretary National Trade Union Federation


Hong Kong: The Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims hosts 28 April commemoration

Commemorating  International Workers Memorial Day in Hong Kong. The demands that were made was that workers do not work excessive hours and have a right to a safe and healthy work/life balance and the second demand was that April 28 be recognised and commemorated in Hong Kong by all and not just a few groups in Hong Kong  that work on Labour Rights and Occupational Safety and Health. The assembly was hosted by Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims (Hong Kong). 

Kyrgyzstan: On 28 April BWI campaigned for safety in LafargeHolcim operations

Kyrgyzstan: On 28 April, affiliates of the global construction union federation BWI campaigned for safety in LafargeHolcim operations on the country. @bwiglobal @ituc @hazardsmagazine #iwmd18

Iceland: Electrical union backs BWI’s global campaign for better safety at LafargeHolcim

Here is a support photo from the Icelandic Electrical Workers Union. We have our annual meeting in the northern part of Iceland and we are happy to support our colleagues. Yesterday we discussed ways to make our members safer in work. We recently started to implement new project that’s involves giving personal tag-out/lock-out locks to our members that are working in defined branch.…/2021-lafargeholcim-keep-your-word-res…

Kristján Þórður Snæbjarnarson
Leader of the Icelandic Electrical workers union

Building and Wood Worker’s International

Slovakia: Let’s get together and protect the most important thing we have – human life

A message from Konfederácia odborových zväzov Slovenskej republiky – KOZ SR “So this week, one more time: Let’s get together and do everything we can to protect even at work the most important thing we have – human life. #Iwmd18 International day of safety and health at work.”

Gibraltar: Remembering the dead – fighting for the living in Gibraltar today

Remembering the dead – fighting for the living in Gibraltar today.

Sadly it is all too likely that people know someone who has died or been injured in the workplace – Find out about events marking International Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April  … #IWMD18

Italy: Photos from Italian International Workers’ Memorial Day 2018 events

Claudio Sottile of Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori (CISL) has sent the following photographs from International Workers’ Memorial Day 2018 events in several Italian cities. including Rome, Naples, Milan, Turin).