Spanish unions highlight how austerity is undermining democracy and workers’ health


With more than 30 registered events already, and counting, the Spanish trade unions Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) and Union General de Trabajadores (UGT) will be joining this 28th April rallying behind their “ten urgent and priority measures for preventing occupational risks”. See the manifesto • Poster

The “Decálogo” (as they have called it) calls among other policies to fight casualization of work, well-funded prevention policies, changes in the occupational diseases registry, focus on social, gender and age determinants of occupational health, quality and independent prevention services, strengthening of labour inspection, a reinforcement of the public character of the “mutuas” system and support for democratizing labour relations.

Both trade union centers will organise hundreds of events, including seminars, rallies, debates, and press conferences across Spain.

A map with planned activities in different Spanish cities can be found in CCOO website

Another ITUC affiliate, USO will organise events under the slogan “Precarious work kills”, and is organising a three day event this week in Madrid, as well as other assemblies in other regions of Spain. Webpage


Unions to shed light on the cost of unsafe growth in the Philippines

For this 28th April, the IOHSAD, KMU and ILPS Philippines will be organising a union event in Plaza Miranda, Manila, in commemoration of  Filipino construction workers who lost their lives as a consequence of unsafe working conditions, raising the inconvenient correlation between GDP growth, raising construction investments and workplace deaths.

For more information on this event, please contact Elmer Labog

Los sindicatos ubican el tema de químicos en su formación en Las Americas

Para este 28 de Abril, la Confederacion Sindical de las Americas, en cooperación con la oficina de actividades de los Trabajadores de la OIT (ACTRAV) organizara la clausura de una formación virtual sobre gestión de sustancias químicas con una actividad presencial, que se realizara en Montevideo, Uruguay. Esta iniciativa busca responder al objetivo de la CSA de “aprender para actuar”, reforzando las capacidades técnicas de los sindicalistas en cuestiones relativas a la salud laboral.

Para mas información sobre las acciones de la CSA para este 28 de Abril, contactarse con

Unions to meet with Belgian labour minister

The ETUC is to stage an event outside the European Commission HQ in Brussels and will joint with the Belgian trade unions to meet with the Belgian Minister of Labour.

ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Ségol will meet European Parliament President Martin Schulz and European Employment Commissioner Thyssen in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

ETUC 28 April webpages

etuc1 etuc2 etuc3

Unions bring chemicals to training courses in The Americas

For this 28th April, the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, in cooperation with the ILO bureau for workers’ activities (ACTRAV), will be closing a month-long virtual training on chemicals’ management with a meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. This initiative is part of TUCA’s “know to act” approach, which aims at strengthening the technical capacities of trade union leaders on matters related to occupational health and safety.
For more information on TUCA actions for 28th April, please contact Isamar Escalona 

Unions to fight against employers’ attacks against labour inspection in Poland

To commemorate the International Workers’ Memorial Day, the NSZZ “Solidarność” has planned several conferences and meetings in regions. A national trade union conference will be held on April 27 in Wrocław  ). The theme this year will be “Is internal monitoring of working conditions in companies sufficient?” this has been chosen following employers’ organisations complaint against the Social Labor Inspection Act.  On April 28th Solidarnosc will join a conference organized by the Polish Parliament’s Council of Labor Protection, which will focus on “Observance safety rules in the areas of the economy where there is the greatest number of accidents at work (construction, mining, transport, manufacturing)”

For more information on NSZZ “Solidarność” activities for this 28th April, please contact:

Canada: Sydney Day of Mourning Event

The Cape Breton District Labour Council will be holding a ceremony in partnership with CUPE Nova Scotia at the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre, at 50 Maillard Street in Sydney. There will be laying of flowers (rather than wreaths).

For more information: Gordie MacDonald at (902) 578-3554 or email


This format poster was posted onto our Workers’ Memorial Day Facebook group by Adir SouzaPDF.



Unions do not forget Rana Plaza and fight for new rights in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi unions will mobilise this year with a week of events, which will include meetings on compensation and rehabilitation for Rana Plaza victim workers, a commemoration of the tragedy on April 24th both with OSHE as a lead organiser, a tripartite seminar on the 26th and a joint demonstration of the National Labour Rights and Safety Alliance on the 28th April.

The demo will be calling for immediate ratification of key ILO Conventions on OSH by Bangladesh namely C187 (Promotional Framework for OSH Convention, 2006), C155 (Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981) and C167 (Safety and Health in Construction).

The demo is a joint endeavour by the Bangladesh Free Trade Unions Congress (BFTUC), the National Alliance of Construction Workers Safety, Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE), Federation of Garments Workers (FGW), Bangladesh Building and Workers Federation (BBWWF), Labour at Informal Economy (LIE), Rana Plaza Accident Victims Network and Tazreen Fashions Accident Victim Network.

The video “Growth with Tears“ has been produced on the struggle of Rana Plaza victims:

The Bangladesh Labour Federation -BLF will Observe 28 ICD 2015 in Dhaka organising a discussion meeting on 28 April 3.30 PM. BLF President & General Secretary & BLF Members ,activists, organisers, educators as well as the women’s & youth wings will be present in the event.

For more information on BFTUC activities for this 28th April, please contact with AR Chowdhury REPON, Acting General Secretary- BFTUC & Executive Director- OSHE, E-mail:

For more information on BLF events, please contact M.Shahadat Hossain

Finally, we also wanted to remind you of the Rana Plaza countdown for victims’ compensation, which has been organised in social media:


Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living