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Global: Nautilus remembers yacht crew members on Workers’ Memorial Day

On Workers’ Memorial Day (WMD) Nautilus is remembering members it supports in traumatic events, such as those who were involved in an incident off the coast of Thailand just over a year ago in which a superyacht crew member died.

Nautilus: more

Scotland: Communities across Scotland mark International Workers’ Memorial Day

Throughout Scotland communities will gather on Friday 28th April to remember those killed or who have suffered injury at work. International Workers’ Memorial Day provides an opportunity for trade unions to reinforce their commitment to campaigning for safer and healthier workplaces where workers are protected from harm and treated with fairness, dignity and respect. STUC: more

Swedish construction union Byggnads youth in action on #IWMD17

USA: Commemorating Workers’ Memorial Day 2017 and Planning for the Fight Ahead

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In Honor of Workers’ Memorial Week, each day this week Citizen Vox discussed the need for safe jobs and called attention to the ways the Trump administration is dismantling key worker health and safety protections.

Significant challenges are ahead in the fight for safer workplaces.

Today is the first Workers’ Memorial Day under the Trump administration. And, now, more than ever, our communities should come together to demand strong protections in the workplace. Not one more worker should have to die from a preventable incident at work.

This week, our blog series recapped the ways in which the Trump administration and the Republican Congress are rewarding corporations at the expense of the health and safety of working families. In the first 100 days of this administration, workers suffered devastating rollbacks of workplace safety regulations and were left to wonder whether their political leaders would defund the agencies keeping them safe on the job.


USA: AFL-CIO – Mourn for the Dead, Fight Like Hell for the Living

150 Workers Die Each Day

Today, on Workers Memorial Day, people all over the world remember workers who were killed, injured or made sick by their jobs. It’s also a day we commit to fighting for safer working conditions. Most importantly, it is the day we remind ourselves that safe jobs are every worker’s right. more

Kenya: Sugar workers observe Workers’ Memorial Day

The IUF Global Sugar and Palm Oil Program and the Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers (KUSPW) observed the Workers’ Memorial Day, April 28th, with weeklong activities that included workshops on the impact of sexual harassment on the health and safety of sugar workers in Kenya. The program also included a march through the roads of the South Nyanza Sugar Company (SONY), located in the Nyanza Province with the message that good jobs are safe jobs while raising awareness among workers and their families that sexual harassment must also be considered as a hazard in the workplace. Another KUSPW branch at the Nzoia Sugar Estate (Western Province) also observed Workers’ Memorial Day for the third year in a row. more

New Zealand: Too many Kiwis are being killed at work

In the last two weeks seven New Zealanders went to work and never came home. They were killed at work. This Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, NZCTU remembers them and other working people who were killed at work. more


Switzerland: Trade unionists from around the world demand a global ban on asbestos on #IWMD17

France: Dans plus de 100 pays, on célèbre aujourd’hui la journée mondiale de la sécurité et de la santé au #travail #IWMD17

Germany: Workers‘ Memorial Day – Gesundheit & Sicherheit von Leiharbeitsbeschäftigten nicht länger vernachlässigen!