On 28 April, Swedish unions push for an ILO convention to tackle gender-based violence at work

LO Sweden opinion piece published on 28 April in Dagens Arena.

Today, 28 April, is the world day for safety and health at work celebrated of trade union organisations around the world. The purpose of the day is to underline the importance of preventive work in all areas.

This year, there is a unique chance for the Swedish government and Swedish employers to give workers a worldwide protection against gender-based violence and harassment in the workplace. What is required is that you agree with the proposed new ILO Convention to be treated at the ILO Labour Conference in June. It is important that States and employers agree that enough is enough. Therefore, we want the Government pushing for an ILO Convention against violence and harassment in the workplace. We must make sure to create safer workplaces for women. Only by standing together we can put an end to gender-based violence and harassment in workplaces around the world.

Berit Müllerström, andre vice ordförande LO
Joa Bergold, utredare LO:s enhet för välfärd, utbildning och arbetsmarknad
Oscar Ernerot, Ombudsman LO:s enhet för internationella frågor

Oscar Ernerot
LO Sweden
Ombudsman/International Secretary
Internationella Enheten/International Department


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